PasteIP 1.7 Release Notes

Firefox 1.5 compatibility. I know, should probably be called 1.6.1, but I just can't be bothered!

PasteIP 1.6 Release Notes

Fixed a bug with the Japanese locale being called jp-JP instead of ja-JP. Don't have time to do much else, what with a new job and the kid.

PasteIP 1.5 Release Notes

It's still a bit clunky, but there is an options dialog to set which IP address you want used. In Firefox and Thunderbird it's access through the Extension Manager. In Mozilla it adds another branch onto the preferences tree widget. I was going to work on this a bit more, but the release of Thunderbird 1.0 forced my hand, because the last PasteIP only worked up until Thunderbird 0.9. So don't use 2-digit numbers in the options box (e.g. 01) or it will break!

PasteIP 1.4 Release Notes

No major changes, just the ability to insert text at the cursor, instead of just tacking it on at the end. I didn't think this was possible, but then found out about the 'selectionStart' and 'selectionEnd' properties. Cool!

PasteIP 1.3 Release Notes

Responding to the most commented-on problem with earlier versions, I've added support for systems with multiple IP addresses. An integer preference can be set to 0, 1, 2, etc. up to the number of IP addresses in your system. There seems to be no particular order the addresses are given to the extension, so just experiment to see what gives you the address you want. On Firefox and Thunderbird this preference is created at installation, but must be manually added in Seamonkey.

Yes, this release reintroduces support for Seamonkey (Mozilla Suite.) It has been tested on version 1.73 of the browser, but I do not have mail/news support installed, so I'm not sure if that works yet.

That brings us to another change, support for Thunderbird. Tested under version 0.8, you can insert your IP address or User-Agent into the body of a new message.

The last change is support for languages other than English. The extension now supports the following language codes:

Many of the translations were provided by users on, some were guessed at sort of. Please let me know if there are problems with either the translations, or the basic operation of the extension in other languages.

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